When a genius composer and an epicly awesome person combine there talents this is what is created!
The single “Like It” is a mix of electro/dance with a dash of hip hop flavour!

It is available to buy along with the rest of the “Like It Ep” from Beatport, iTunes and all other digital music providers.

Up The Tempo, Up The Bass! That’s The Way I Like It! Hot And Heavy In This Place! That’s The Way I Like It! My Place Or Yours? Huh? I Know That You Would Like Too! See Me Sweat All Over You And That’s The Way I Like It!!!


Up The Tempo, Up The Bass! That’s The Way I Like It! Hot And Heavy In This Place! That’s The Way I Like It! My Place Or Yours? Huh? I Know That You Would Like Too! See Me Sweat All Over You And That’s The Way I Like It!!!



I’m Back..

It’s been a while since i wrote a proper blog. And It’s been a very intense and interesting we while since then..

At one point i even thought i would throw in the towel - rip Lady Esque - but don’t worry i soon crawled out of that hole of self pitty and am back even more full on than before :)

I think we all go through moments of doubt, wondering if we are taking the right direction and having a look to see what other paths there may be for us to take. I did a bit of soul searching - drove over many bumps in the road, pondered on my life up to this point, broke a heart and said fuck it MY heart is what is important. As selfish as that sounds i did it for me and i don’t have one regret on the matter!

Most musicans (if i can call myself that) are close with there family and friends because we are all creative people that like to share our thought and feelings with those around us. I love having this trate, because as well as being able to creativly express myself, i have an amazingly supportive family full of woman (and a few men lol) that not only have my back 110% but also don’t feel shy about telling you to pull ya bloody head in!

So this mid/early/21 life crisis has taught me to do nothing but go full steam to my dreams and not to let anyone get my way of that, even if that means leaving some people behind on the way.

I have recently collaborated with DUREZ of GET LOADED RECORDS and we have produced and epicly epic single called “Like it”. This shit is hot - fire hot, burn your face and ear drums off hot - haha, hot!

This single has just been released and you can get it from all digital means (itunes, beatport etcetc) yay!

So aswell as a thank you to all you have stuck by my through my journey to greatness! Thank you to Kyle from GET LOADED RECORDS for the awesome opportunitys you have handed me in the last couple of weeks!

Lady Esque is back in full force! BOOM


fark this made me LOL hardoutt shot @itsthebro for this one haha

fark this made me LOL hardoutt shot @itsthebro for this one haha

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This makes me LOL. jack black is the man!



I find it so hard to write lyrics without a beat, unless i’m in some crazy zone. I envy those that can just write and write and write.

Are you in my boat? It sucks.

Writers block/no inspiration/fart noise.


She might not be cool enough for tumblr, but she’s still pretty cool :)


She might not be cool enough for tumblr, but she’s still pretty cool :)





do you ever wonder how when you get older shit doesn’t seem to basic and simple anymore like it once did when you were 4 foot tall?

Mud becomes gross and filled with bacteria - when it once was the platform for hours of games and on the odd occasion a snack, haha. 

The imagination almost disappears. i can’t even imagine now sitting down playing schools, or shops or any other game i played as a child. Maybe thats why sometimes i find it hard writing songs? Although most songs i do write are not imagination they are real life experiences.

I’m scared to grow up, but at the same time i can’t wait to start those things that most wait there whole life for - marriage, kids, travel, life experiences in general.

I’m not afraid to say those things because at the end of the day everyones thinking anyway.

This may be the only the beginning of “Lady Esque” but i think it’s also may only beginning of Ashlee as well.



i love to write. i always have. i haven’t written a story or anything along those lines in a very long time though.

What do you write about in a blog? Do people really care what you have to say? Maybe i just write this for me.. thoughts i have and want to get out but can’t exactly do by any other means.

I really feel like Carrie Bradshaw with all these “?”. I have spent the last few months watching all the seasons of Sex and The City religiously. Has it brought me a false sense of hope about the world of words? The world of love and sex and all the other bullshit thats in between?

I may make music but i am just like you, i think i am pretty normal. I work a 9-5 normal job, i spend more time with my family than going out on the town and my idea of fun is putting my pajamas on at 5pm and watching tv. Lame?

Maybe one of you normal people out there can tell me exactly what normal is? Atleast will be able to tell me what love is? I’m not sure i know. 

I know the love for my family and friends, but what is that other type of love?

The love that you feel for your significant other. I thought i was in love many years ago, but looking back i’m not sure. Its funny when your young and “in love” you think people don’t know what there saying, telling you you’re only young and you don’t no what love is. Maybe that makes sense now? Weird.

Now that i’m (a little bit) older, im asking myself the same thing.. Am i in love?

Deep huh.




When leather, urban influence and electro merge together you get “Lady Esque”.

Lady Esque has given her life to a new and innovative sound full of new age basslines and old school Rap. Sick of a crowd only bobbing their heads’, Lady Esque has set a goal to have a raging dance, plp, electro-hop anthems to get a the whole club jumping.
Influenced by late 90’s hip-hop and new age “unce unce” she has taken a splash and a dash of each element to create melodies to bounce too. 

Army boots are the new heels, leather jackets are the new skanky dresses and Lady Esque is the new sex!


for for info check out…. http://www.tinyurl.com/LEpresskit




Absolutely beautiful. This is my sisters wedding, on a beautiful beach in Rarotonga.

Such an amazing day.

I thought i would share the moment with you.




Who am i?

I always wanted to be a writer. From the age of 6-7 i used to write little books, i have a whole folder full of them. But now writing “blogs” i feel like i’m not really good at it.

Do you often read novels and think “man how do they think of this stuff.” People that write books, really good books, i think are amazing. 

But then i think about a bit more. I am a writer. I write lyrics. Music. Am i any good? Well you tell me. But i must be doing something write if your reading this now :)

I grew up in a middle aged family home, mum and dad still together to this day :) Me and my older sister. Know one in my family played music or sang, but dad would always be playing some old school record in the house. My earliest music memories would have to be “The Voice” by John farnham and that “Shout” song, i can never remember who sung that though.

I didn’t start listening to Hip Hop until i was 11 or so, until then it was more like Backstreet Boys, Hanson and The Spice Girls. I’m not ashamed to say i still know all there songs, ha. :)

But my earilest Hip Hop memories would be seeing the video clips for “Paper, Paper” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem. I remember my mum saying “Who is this idiot?” whilst watching Eminem on the Tv. All i was thinking was “wow, thats pretty fucken mean.” haha :)

And it pretty much spiraled from there. Writing stupid lyrics, Writing good lyrics, Getting to where i am today.

It doesn’t take an extraordinary life, or an extraordinary event in your life to make you impact the world. I think i’m pretty normal. And i hope to somehow push my music out to more ears and maybe just influence someone like myself that anything is achievable.

Haters get to me, no doubt. But you can’t have love without hate. And if it takes hate to allow me to feel love, i’ll take it. :)



Hi, I’m “The Renaissance” nice to meet you :)

"FastDude Record Label’s first release!!

"We are proud to release our very first Debut Artist "LADY ESQUE". An immaculately polished EP which goes by the name of "The Renaissance" delivers the punch and tasty treats your ears need to get party through the weekends! There’s style, attitude & plenty of swag to go around. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the Label!"

The Renaissance “Debut EP” by LADY ESQUE

Available on iTunes NOW “

Taken from Fastdudes official website


I’m super stoaked! my EP is FINALLY here!!! BUY THAT SHIT YAYAYYAYYA


Tick Tock…

Its literally only a matter of days, maybe even hours now before you finally all get what your’ve been waiting for :)

I hope your’ve got plenty of itunes cred if not go down to the warehouse and buy the old two $20 cards for $30 BARGIN!

Its taken a while but i’m glad, because ya’ll have been in my ear like know ones business, so that shows that you’re actually interested in listeing to what i have to offer!

I’m already writing material for a fully fleged album so this is just the start of an amazing journey!




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